Laura Heine Collage Retreats

Thanks for your interest in booking a Laura Heine Collage Retreats

Brigitte has been quilting since 1995 and started collage quilting in 2017. She was in the first group Laura certified in June 2018. Her husband Brian became certified in June 2019. It is our goal to help people get away from life for a few days, learn something new and break out of their box and become creative. This is a “NO SEW” project, so both quilters and non-quilters can attend. This is a great project for kids as well.

Why choose us to come teach classes??

We have already taught over 30 retreats between July 2018 and July 2019 — and we have 14 more retreats booked for Fall 2019 and 6 for Spring 2020. We currently teach in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri and our travel area keeps expanding. About 70% of the places we teach at rebook for the following year. Brian and Brigitte have made over 58 collage samples, and continue to make more. This allows us to have a sample of what students are making as well as giving us the practice of making one ourselves. We are insured and covered by Worker’s Compensation. Brian travels with Brigitte and helps teach when his work schedule allows. Those lucky students get two Certified Instructors for the price of one!!!

Retreat Length

All of our retreats include a Trunk Show the first day to introduce students to all the possibilities they have and to help get their creative juices flowing. The next two days are packed with instruction and fun. It is our goal that each student has enough time to truly grasp the collaging technique that Laura Heine uses. We feel this cannot be accomplished well in only one day. Practice, practice and more practice. In total most retreats are about 18 hours in length, and around 80% of my students finish their project.

Pattern Choices

I let each student choose their own pattern from a list of suggested patterns, preferable a smaller sized one. I want people to do a collage quilt of their choice.

Fabric Kits

Certified fabric kits are available through Fiberworks. I do not get a price break on kits, so if a student wants a Laura Heine Certified kit I have them purchase them directly from her. However, I urge my students to bring fabrics from their own stash and they can supplement their fabrics with the thousands of pre-cut 11″ x 12″ squares that I bring to every retreat. I charge $1.50 per square and most are motif fabrics as well as themed fabrics (sewing themed for Pin Cushion, Featherweight, etc). I spend time with each student helping them select their own fabrics choices and help teach them how to build their own personal kit. If we teach for a store, we will not sell any of the supplies unless we have permission to do so.


I travel with all the supplies needed to do a collage. I have these items for loan and for sale.

Retreat Size

We ask for a minimum of 10 students. If there are fewer than 10 we ask for help with travel expenses. Maximum is space dependent. Each student MUST have their own 2′ x 4′ table. We try to keep to a maximum of 18 if only one of us is teaching, and up to 30 if we both teach. We want to make sure we can give plenty of quality individual teaching to each student.


Montana Custom Quilts also provides cross hatching for people all over the US and Canada who have a completed collage quilt and need it finished.  Contact us for more information on this service.

Contact us to schedule a Laura Heine Collage Retreat

Contact us today for more information on pricing and date availability. We strongly urge you to do this early!! We book up months, even years in advance. When we travel out of state we group together several retreats which helps keep our travel costs down.